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51 % FDI in Multi Brand Retail: After the Inevitable
Lex Witness (2012)
  • Maurya Vijay Chandra
The government has finally shown its resoluteness. The Indian market is now open for the investment in multi brand retail. The immediate reactions of various stakeholders are along expected lines. The left is afraid of the farmers being armtwisted in the long run; the industry is happy; the government basking in the glory of having overcome its "policy paralysis" and the political opponents have reasons to celebrate as they have unique "opt-in" leverage.
  • FDI,
  • Investment
Publication Date
Winter November 15, 2012
Citation Information
Maurya Vijay Chandra. "51 % FDI in Multi Brand Retail: After the Inevitable" Lex Witness Vol. 4 Iss. 4 (2012)
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