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From the Desk of Law Faculty, Delhi University (Right: Which was Denied)
Legal News and Views (1996)
  • Maurya Vijay Chandra
"Sir, I have the keys of the shop I .....ork in. Please let me ring up the owner and inform him that he should take the keys from here:' But Narender's repeated plea fell on deaf ears of the policemen in the Civil Lines Police Station. Instead of allowing him his right to contact a friend/relative, so boldly painted in every police station, the police personnel simply denied Narender possessed anything but a 10" knife. The "right" which Narender was denied are painted in white over blue in every Police Station. Now Aren't blue and white both very passive colours? And over that Narender was only making a request; ignorant of his right.
  • Medical negligence,
  • Medical responsibility
Publication Date
Winter November 1, 1996
Citation Information
Maurya Vijay Chandra. "From the Desk of Law Faculty, Delhi University (Right: Which was Denied)" Legal News and Views Vol. 10 Iss. 11 (1996)
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