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Legal systems as a determinant of FDI in South Asia
Socio -Legal Newsletter (2004)
  • Maurya Vijay Chandra
systems are an important factor affecting the location of foreign direct investment (FDD; that predictable and efficient legal systems are the most effective in attracting FDI; and that efficiency and predictability are, in the opinion of investors, best achieved by adopting a 'western-style' legal system in which government and bureaucratic discretion are limited, laws are enforced consistently, corruption is low and the judiciary and bureaucracy are independent from politicians.
  • FDI,
  • Investment
Publication Date
Spring April 1, 2004
Citation Information
Maurya Vijay Chandra. "Legal systems as a determinant of FDI in South Asia" Socio -Legal Newsletter Iss. 42 (2004)
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