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Orient Express Law
European Tort Law. Eastern and Western Perspectives (2007)
  • Mauro Bussani

For comparativists, the ‘Europeanization’ of tort law raises a plethora of questions with no clear right or wrong answer. Is European tort law going to be molded by a common law and civil law convergence? Is there an Americanization of European tort law going on? Should comparative law be forward-looking and trying to build European tort law on new bricks, or should it be backward looking, struggling to find evidence of a common past to be restored? While it is beyond the scope of the contribution to offer a definite answer to all these questions, the paper aims to clarify a few points which are rarely discussed in the current debates on (any field of European private law, including) tort law harmonization, such as: the relationship between legal and economic integration, the importance of time, the socio-cultural reasons underlying the harmonization efforts.

  • Comparative law,
  • Tort law,
  • Legal Harmonization,
  • European private law
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M. Bussani
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Mauro Bussani. "Orient Express Law" Berne-Brussels-Athens-MünichEuropean Tort Law. Eastern and Western Perspectives (2007)
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