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Banco Solidario S.A.: The Recovery Strategy, 2000–2004
Journal of Business Research
  • Karina Caballero
  • Mauricio A. Melgarejo, Butler University
  • Enrique Ogliastri
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Five years passed since, in April, 2000, Kurt Koenigsfest took over as the Chief Executive Officer at Banco Solidario S.A. (BancoSol), in La Paz, Bolivia. BancoSol had become the top Latin American bank specializing in providing microbusiness services. Since its beginning in 1992, BancoSol achieved excellent results and became an international reference in the microcredit area. In mid-2000, external and internal factors caused its performance to deteriorate. Kurt and his management team set and implemented a strategy that led the bank to be rated as the best financial institution in the Bolivian financial system in 2004. The time had come to plan for the future; the management team has to establish BancoSol's primary lines of action for the next three years.

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Karina Caballero, Mauricio A. Melgarejo and Enrique Ogliastri. "Banco Solidario S.A.: The Recovery Strategy, 2000–2004" Journal of Business Research (2016)
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