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A Careful Poetics: Caring Imagination, Caring Habits, and Haiku
  • Ce Rosenow, Lane Community College
  • Maurice Hamington, Portland State University
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This article contributes to the philosophical discourse of care studies and the growing interest in an aesthetic approach to care. Care ethics is a relational approach to morality first identified in the 1980s in the work of feminist theorists and today enjoys a wide academic discussion in philosophy, political theory, education theory, and medical ethics. Through a consideration of the embodied aspects of care as well as an analysis of several representative haiku, the authors argue that haiku supports the development of care capacities because it engages a caring imagination, helps people develop caring knowledge, and potentially encourages caring behavior.

copyright © 2017 by The Haiku Foundation.

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Rosenow, C. and Hamington, M. (2017). A Careful Poetics: Caring Imagination, Caring Habits, and Haiku. Juxtapositions 3.1: The Journal of Haiku Research and Scholarship.