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Hail Mary? The Struggle for Ultimate Womanhood in Catholicism
  • Maurice Hamington, Portland State University
Hail Mary? examines the sexist and misogynist themes that underlie the socially constructed religious imagery of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Maurice Hamington explores the sources for three prominent Marian images: Mary as the "the blessed Virgin," Mary, the "Mediatrix"; and Mary, "the second Eve." Hamington critiques these images for the valorization of sexist forces with the Catholic Church that serve to maintain systems of oppression against women. In challenging dominant, religious representations of Mary, Hamington surveys a variety of emerging reinterpretations of Mary. He then provides a framework for further study of "non-alienating" images of Mary.
Publication Date
September, 1995
Citation Information
Maurice Hamington. Hail Mary? The Struggle for Ultimate Womanhood in Catholicism. (1995)
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