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Women and Sisters
Faculty Publications
  • Maureen T. Reddy, Rhode Island College
The Antislavery Feminists in American Culture / Book Review
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Book Review
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Dept. of English
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Jean Fagan Yellin's Women and Sisters: The Antislavery Feminists in American Culture, on the iconography of the women's abolitionist movement, is a brilliant example of interdisciplinary thought and study. Crossing the boundaries of history, feminist theory, African American studies, and literary analysis, Yellin illuminates the complex intersections of art and politics in American life. Women and Sisters traces the history of the "Woman and Sister" emblem that the antislavery feminists adopted, examining its permutations in texts both graphic and literary from the 1830s to the 1850s.

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Maureen T. Reddy. "Women and Sisters" (1996)
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