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Due South: Artist Jason McLean Interview
Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art (2014)
  • Matthew Ryan Smith, Ph.D.

Last year I visited Jason McLean and his family in their London, Ontario home to talk about the Canadian Pez Museum, a joint-project between Jason and his sons Felix and Henry. It was a cold afternoon so Jason made hot coffee. We shared some laughs. Much has changed since then—I’ve moved back to London and Jason and his family have moved to New York City. We just can’t seem to be in the same city for very long. I wanted to catch up with Jason to see how New York has changed his style, and whether or not the “big city” was a distraction or a revelation. In Canada, Jason is widely known for his eclectic use of media, from magic markers and napkins to army helmets and geographical maps. It is there that he maneuvers between profoundly intimate autobiographical reflection and rich cultural history—local, regional, or otherwise. At present, his illustrations are included in the exhibition Contemporary Drawings from the National Gallery of Canada, currently at the Mendel Gallery in Saskatoon, while south of the border he’s making a place for himself.

  • Jason McLean,
  • sculpture,
  • Canadian art,
  • contemporary art,
  • London,
  • Ontario
Publication Date
Fall 2014
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Matthew Ryan Smith, Ph.D.. "Due South: Artist Jason McLean Interview" Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art (2014)
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