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Bill Burns: Dogs and Boats and Airplanes
BRAFFTV Film & Media International Conference (2013)
  • Matthew Ryan Smith, Ph.D.

Bill Burns's recent series "Dogs and Boats and Airplanes" represents a profound immersion in the iconography of travel and the sophisticated commercial industry that enables it. The work is both multi-sensorial in its focus on object relations, and interdisciplinary in that it involves cinematic appropriation, quotidian social phenomena, and community participation. Comprised of drawings, a photographic series, a photo book, a postcard book, a vinyl album, a digital video, a print series, and a collection of salt and pepper shakers in the form of dogs and boats and airplanes, this heterogeneous body of work has been widely exhibited during various stages of development, however it has yet to be presented together in its entirety. "Dogs and Boats and Airplanes" engages with animal and mechanical interactions in the post-industrial world, largely by way of tactile, relational, and sonic encounters.

  • Bill Burns
Publication Date
October 19, 2013
Citation Information
Matthew Ryan Smith, Ph.D.. "Bill Burns: Dogs and Boats and Airplanes" BRAFFTV Film & Media International Conference (2013)
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