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Jason McLean Meets Raymond Pettibon, and it Works
Artinfo Canada (2012)
  • Matthew Ryan Smith, Ph.D.

The McIntosh Gallery pairing of pop-text artists Jason McLean and Raymond Pettibon yields a marriage fitting, fun, and uncompromising.

McLean is Canadian, and Pettibon is American, but both artists mine the alcoves of their ‘place’, generating dynamic and autobiographical works that speak to both home and nowhere. What further unites them is a unique vocabulary, one exercised through the defining criteria of art, illustration, and design, and an old-school sense of too-cool narrative.

McLean displays nearly sixty works produced since the time of his return to London, Ontario (where he grew-up, but from where he has led an exceptionally itinerant agenda). A graduate of London’s respected Beal Art program, which includes alumni like Jamelie Hassan, Ed Pien, and Greg Curnoe, McLean’s wandering and ruminative “mappings” are everything exciting while sending a honing beacon for place.

  • Jason McLean,
  • Raymond Pettibon
Publication Date
Fall November 2, 2012
Citation Information
Matthew Ryan Smith, Ph.D.. "Jason McLean Meets Raymond Pettibon, and it Works" Artinfo Canada (2012)
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