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Roadside Markers of Loss
The Silo ( (2012)
  • Matthew Ryan Smith, The University of Western Ontario

Indeed, the prevalence of roadside memorials has increased significantly over the past several decades and there is little doubt that each of us has encountered them at some point. Roadside memorials are essentially visual manifestations of profound suffering and loss. They mark the site where a motor vehicle accident has occurred and the death that resulted from it (however , many memorials, especially in major cities, have little to do with motor vehicle accidents and more to do with cycling accidents, innocent bystanders or anything else that faithfully marks the site of passing).

  • Roadside markers,
  • loss,
  • art,
  • death,
  • memorial
Publication Date
Spring May 1, 2012
Citation Information
Matthew Ryan Smith. "Roadside Markers of Loss" The Silo ( (2012)
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