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John Cushnie: Greying the Grey
Intersections (exhibition catalogue) (2010)
  • Matthew Ryan Smith, The University of Western Ontario

Paintings are not talking heads. They can produce a conversation, an interaction, an exchange. They ask us to listen with our eyes, to feel the space between us, to project ourselves. The paintings in Eidolon Prospects aim for a mutual exchange, a reciprocal relationship — they push us to face our uncertainty, to work at them, to reconsider their visuality, to tap into their manipulation of materials. Their material and pigment are rendered as voices, and in their silent speech, the paintings come to haunt us. John [Cushnie]’s paintings disturb, incite and ambiguate.

Publication Date
August 1, 2010
Citation Information
Matthew Ryan Smith. "John Cushnie: Greying the Grey" Intersections (exhibition catalogue) (2010)
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