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Paul L. Errington: His Life and Work
Of Men and Marshes
  • Matthew Sivils, Iowa State University
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Trapper, ecologist, and nature writer Paul Errington dedicated his life to the understanding and preservation of wetland environments and to the rich diversity of wildlife that calls tl1em home. Through his technical research as well as in his popular writing, Errington challenged us to change the way we think about and value marshlands. He was one of tl1e most innovative, forward-thinking, and influential ecologists of his day, and his lifetime of exploring and working in midwestern glacial marshes culminated in his natural history classic, Of Men and Marshes.

This is a chapter from Of Men and Marshes (2012): xi. Posted with permission.

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Paul Errington
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Matthew Sivils. "Paul L. Errington: His Life and Work" Of Men and Marshes (2012) p. ix - xxix
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