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No Trespassing
  • Matthew Rimmer, Australian National University College of Law

Eva Hemmungs Wirten is an associate professor in Library and Information Science at the University College of Boras and Gothenburg University in Sweden. Her work is primarily concerned with the interaction between print culture, globalization, and intellectual property rights. Eva Hemmungs Wirten is not a lawyer by training; instead her background lies in publishing. In her writing, she relies upon an interdisciplinary approach drawing on book history, cultural studies, law, and studies on globalization both in the humanities and social sciences. Her new book called No Trespassing is a fresh and original contribution to the field of intellectual property. It is the best thing I've read in ages. The book explores the nature of authorship in print culture, the use of intellectual property rights as an instrument of control, and the impact of globalization upon national cultures.

Publication Date
August, 2003
Citation Information
Matthew Rimmer. "No Trespassing" (2003)
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