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No Future? End the Future Fund's Affair with Big Tobacco
The Conversation (2012)
  • Matthew Rimmer, Australian National University College of Law
Australia has shown outstanding leadership on tobacco control – but it could do more. The next step is surely for the Future Fund to quit its addiction to tobacco investments.
The Gillard government’s policy initiative to introduce the plain packaging of tobacco products has won plaudits from the World Health Organization and health leaders around the world. And the government’s victory in the High Court of Australia sparked an Olive Revolution, with other countries waiting to follow suit.
The tobacco industry has predictably responded with devious and aggressive tactics to try to dilute the impact of plain packaging.
The government could protect its image and further enhance its reputation for good public health policy by encouraging the Future Fund to ban investments in companies involved in the manufacture of tobacco products.
  • Tobacco Control,
  • the Future Fund,
  • Tobacco Investment,
  • World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control,
  • Plain Packaging,
  • Responsible Investment,
  • Ethical Investment.
Publication Date
September 13, 2012
Citation Information
Matthew Rimmer, 'No Future?: End the Future Fund's Affair with Big Tobacco', The Conversation, 13 September 2012,