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Unpublished Paper
Net Neutrality - Computer Law
ExpressO (2015)
  • Matthew Charles Quattrochi, Barry University
The overall purpose of this work is to discuss the current state of net neutrality. Given Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) Chairman Tom Wheeler’s most recent proposal to pass net neutrality into law, net neutrality is ripe for discussion.The court ruling striking down the infrastructure of the Open Internet Order in Verizon v. F.C.C., and the devaluation of Title I regulatory authority exhibited in the decision made in Comcast Corp. v. F.C.C. bring about an appropriate point to stop and reflect concerning the options the FCC has to instill net neutrality regulation.Part II of this work will be dedicated to explaining net neutrality and addressing the overall question of whether net neutrality needs to be enacted into law. Part III will be dedicated to discussing Verizon v. F.C.C. and Comcast Corp. v. F.C.C. as well as other applicable case law concerning net neutrality violations. Part IV will address FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s most recent net neutrality proposal. Part V will consider the authoritative options that the FCC has in regulating net neutrality violations.
  • Net Neutrality,
  • FCC,
  • Tom Wheeler,
  • Forbearance,
  • Internet
Publication Date
February 13, 2015
Citation Information
Matthew Charles Quattrochi. "Net Neutrality - Computer Law" ExpressO (2015)
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