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Moral Blindness and Moral Progress
Review Journal of Political Philosophy (2007)
  • Matthew Pianalto, Eastern Kentucky University

We often speak of a person's being blind to the truth (or the obvious) and being blinded by love (and similarly by hate). The aim of this paper is to make sense of this seemingly metaphorical notion of blindness as it relates to moral judgment, and to show that there is an intelligible sense in which we can be "morally blind." The sexual harassment case depicted in the film 'North Country' provides a vivid illustration of moral blindness. Corrections of this blindness amount to true moral progress, rather than mere shifts in our moral standards.

  • blindness,
  • ethics,
  • moral realism,
  • perception,
  • progress
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Matthew Pianalto. "Moral Blindness and Moral Progress" Review Journal of Political Philosophy Vol. 5 Iss. 1-2 (2007)
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