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Atrial Fibrillation Following Cardiac Surgery: Established and Emerging Strategies of Prevention
Recent Patents On Cardiovascular Drug Discovery
  • Nasir Shariff, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Abdul Aleem, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Larry E Jacobs, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • C Cuttia, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Sultan M Siddique, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Matthew W Martinez, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Martin E Matsumura, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Ronald S Freudenberger, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
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More than 250,000 patients undergo cardiac surgery every year. Although advances in surgical techniques have reduced the peri-operative morbidity and mortality in these patients, atrial fibrillation persists to commonly occur following these surgeries. Traditional therapies have reduced their occurrence; however there are still a significant number of patients who develop this complication. Newer and non-conventional medications are being studied to reduce this cardiac arrhythmia. This review will elaborate on the patho-physiology, and prevention of this arrhythmia. We also aim to summarize recent investigated and patented medications which may result in more effective strategies for prophylaxis against this cardiac arrhythmia.

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Shariff, N., Aleem, A., Jacobs, L. E., Cutitta, C., Siddique, S. M., Martinez, M. W., & ... Freudenberger, R. (2011). Atrial fibrillation following cardiac surgery: established and emerging strategies of prevention. Recent Patents On Cardiovascular Drug Discovery, 6(3), 168-174.