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Computed Tomography of Cardiac Pseudotumors and Neoplasms
Radiologic Clinics Of North America
  • Nandan S Anavekar, MD
  • Crystal R Bonnichsen, MD
  • Thomas A Foley, MD
  • Micahel F Morris, MD
  • Matthew W Martinez, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Eric E Williamson, MD
  • James F Glockner, MD
  • Dylan V Miller, MD
  • Jerome F Breen, MD
  • Philip A Araoz, MD
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Important features of cardiac masses can be clearly delineated on cardiac computed tomography (CT) imaging. This modality is useful in identifying the presence of a mass, its relationship with cardiac and extracardiac structures, and the features that distinguish one type of mass from another. A multimodality approach to the evaluation of cardiac tumors is advocated, with the use of echocardiography, CT imaging and magnetic resonance imaging as appropriately indicated. In this article, various cardiac masses are described, including pseudotumors and true cardiac neoplasms, and the CT imaging findings that may be useful in distinguishing these rare entities are presented.

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Anavekar, N. S., Bonnichsen, C. R., Foley, T. A., Morris, M. F., Martinez, M. W., Williamson, E. E., & ... Araoz, P. A. (2010). Computed tomography of cardiac pseudotumors and neoplasms. Radiologic Clinics Of North America, 48(4), 799-816. doi:10.1016/j.rcl.2010.04.002.