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Unpublished Paper
Promoting Self-Sufficiency?
ExpressO (2010)
  • Matthew Main, CUNY School of Law

The New York City Human Resources Administration has implemented a policy that will have a disproportionate impact on poor families of color. The policy departs from the legislative mandate to support New York’s neediest and most at-risk by arbitrarily excluding incarceration from the definition of “temporary absence,” as it applies to the Cash Assistance program. Aside from the discriminatory impact on poor children and families, the policy decision comes at a higher cost to New York taxpayers in the midst of a financial crisis. This Comment evaluates the legal flaws in the policy, the persons it targets, the families it affects, and how it must be remedied in order to truly promote self-sufficiency and survival for New Yorkers in need.

Publication Date
July 13, 2010
Citation Information
Matthew Main. "Promoting Self-Sufficiency?" ExpressO (2010)
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