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About Matthew Krause

Mr. Krause has been an attorney since the year 2000. He has a passion for human rights, global interconnectivity, universal economic empowerment, and culture. Mr. Krause is currently pursuing graduate legal studies in International and Comparative Law at Georgetown University's National Security Law program in Washington, DC. Most recently, he was the legal advisor to security forces in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan with a primary focus on international humanitarian law, operational law, criminal justice, and human rights. His experience ranges from corporate work at Fortune 500 companies, from hundreds of proceedings in state and federal courtrooms, from humanitarian relief in impoverished nations, to combat zones in some of the most dangerous places on Earth. He has had posts in North Carolina, Germany, Michigan, New York, Virginia, Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, and Washington, DC. From the boardrooms of Charlotte, to the streets of Port-au-Prince, and the deserts of Kandahar, Mr. Krause finds creative options to seemingly impossible problems by seeking out the art of the problem, and combining trenchant experience with analytical frameworks.