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Protocol for the Process Evaluations on Interventions Combining Performance-Based Financing With Health Equity in Burkina Faso.
Implementation Science (2014)
  • Hervé Hien
  • Valéry Ridde
  • Anne-Marie Turcotte-Tremblay
  • Aurélia Souares
  • Julia Lohman
  • Maurice Yaogo
  • Matthew R Hunt, McGill University
  • Sylvie Zongo
  • Manuela De Allegri

Background The low quality of healthcare and the presence of user fees in Burkina Faso contribute to low utilization of healthcare and elevated levels of mortality. To improve access to high-quality healthcare and equity, national authorities are testing different intervention arms that combine performance-based financing with community-based health insurance and pro-poor targeting. There is a need to evaluate the implementation of these unique approaches. We developed a research protocol to analyze the conditions that led to the emergence of these intervention arms, the fidelity between the activities initially planned and those conducted, the implementation and adaptation processes, the sustainability of the interventions, the possibilities for scaling them up, and their ethical implications. Methods/Design The study adopts a longitudinal multiple case study design with several embedded levels of analyses. To represent the diversity of contexts where the intervention arms are carried out, we will select three districts. Within districts, we will select both primary healthcare centers (n =18) representing different intervention arms and the district or regional hospital (n =3). We will select contrasted cases in relation to their initial performance (good, fair, poor). Over a period of 18 months, we will use quantitative and qualitative data collection and analytical tools to study these cases including in-depth interviews, participatory observation, research diaries, and questionnaires. We will give more weight to qualitative methods compared to quantitative methods. Discussion Performance-based financing is expanding rapidly across low- and middle-income countries. The results of this study will enable researchers and decision makers to gain a better understanding of the factors that can influence the implementation and the sustainability of complex interventions aiming to increase healthcare quality as well as equity.

  • Performance-based financing; Community-based health insurance; User fee exemption; Equity; Burkina Faso; Implementation study; Process evaluation; Case study methodology; Research protocol
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Hervé Hien, Valéry Ridde, Anne-Marie Turcotte-Tremblay, Aurélia Souares, et al.. "Protocol for the Process Evaluations on Interventions Combining Performance-Based Financing With Health Equity in Burkina Faso." Implementation Science (2014)
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