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Development of a Controller Area Network Based Handheld Data Acquisition System for Identity Preservation
2003 ASAE Annual International Meeting (2003)
  • Matthew J. Darr, University of Kentucky
  • Jason Kellam Ward, University of Kentucky
  • Timothy S. Stombaugh, University of Kentucky
  • Michael D. Montross, University of Kentucky
The development of a diverse, modular and portable system to accurately measure and record field operations is required to effectively bring identity preservation of crops to all farms and farmers. A demonstration system has been built based on a worldwide standard communications protocol and was evaluated for its ability to efficiently measure a variety of field operations and management practices. The CAN Bus 2.0B communication protocol was used to record GPS location data, ground speed and simulated spraying system data. This data was compiled and stored in a form that was compatible with multiple software programs for the purposes of economic and agronomic analysis. All data was recorded on a Compaq® IPAQ using specially-written software. Results showed that tracking identity preservation characteristics was feasible with this system.
  • grain identity preservation,
  • commodity tracking,
  • controller area network,
  • CAN Bus,
  • microcontroller,
  • grain handling,
  • crop database
Publication Date
July, 2003
This is an ASAE Meeting Presentation, Paper No. 031103. Copyright 2003 ASAE. Posted with permission.
Citation Information
Matthew J. Darr, Jason Kellam Ward, Timothy S. Stombaugh and Michael D. Montross. "Development of a Controller Area Network Based Handheld Data Acquisition System for Identity Preservation" 2003 ASAE Annual International Meeting (2003)
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