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Revolutions in Local Democracy? Neighborhood Councils and Broadening Inclusions in the Local Political Process
Michigan Journal of Race & Law (2010)
  • Matthew J. Parlow, Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law
Political marginalization of minorities and government corruption are two key factors that have led to the overwhelming decline and decay of America’s major cities. Local governments must combat the historical entrenchment of these two evils in order to reverse the trend toward demise. Neighborhood councils may be the best structural changes to local government because they provide more meaningful opportunities for political engagement of minority groups, while also serving as an antidote to systemic corruption in local government. This Essay analyzes the problems plaguing local government in urban cities and explores how neighborhood councils may be able to help address them.
  • Local Government,
  • Minorities,
  • Minority Groups,
  • Corruption,
  • Cities,
  • Neighborhood Councils,
  • Urban
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Matthew J. Parlow, Revolutions in Local Democracy - Neighborhood Councils and Broadening Inclusion in the Local Political Process, 16 Mich. J. Race & L. 81 (2010).