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Bridled Power: New Zealand's Constitution and Government
  • Geoffrey Palmer
  • Matthew Palmer
Bridled Power, and its predecessor Unbridled Power, have provided a guide to New Zealand's constitutional system for more than 20 years. This new edition is updated to reflect New Zealand's experience of the MMP system of proportional representation and includes: • Elections and formation of governments • The Governor-General and prospects of becoming a republic • How Executive Government works, and should work • How Parliament works, and should work • How laws are made • The checks on government, including the Treaty of Waitangi
This book is a clear and straightforward account of how New Zealand's system of government works in practice and in principle. It will be of value to anyone interested in government, as well as to judges, law practitioners, academics, government departments and politicians, and law and political science students.
Part I — Government Chapter 1: New Zealand’s System of Government Chapter 2: Elections Chapter 3: Forming and Ending Governments Chapter 4: The Monarchy: Will New Zealand Become a Republic? Chapter 5: The Prime Minister, Cabinet and Ministerial Responsibility
Part II — Executive Government Chapter 6: The Public Service and Crown Entities Chapter 7: Public Finance
Part III — Parliament Chapter 8: MPs and Other Parliamentary Inhabitants Chapter 9: What Happens in Parliament Chapter 10: Legislation Chapter 11: Regulations and Red Tape
Part IV — Restraints on Government Chapter 12: Public Opinion and Information Chapter 13: Local Government Chapter 14: Avenues for Complaint Chapter 15: The Courts Chapter 16: The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act Chapter 17: The Treaty of Waitangi Chapter 18: International Law
Part V — Future Government Chapter 19: Where Next?
Appendix: (A Possible) Constitution Act of New Zealand
  • Constitutional Law,
  • New Zealand
Publication Date
April, 2004
Oxford University Press
Citation Information
Geoffrey Palmer and Matthew Palmer. Bridled Power: New Zealand's Constitution and Government. 4thMelbourne(2004)
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