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Chapter 22 – Applied Behavior Analysis for Health and Fitness
Clinical and Organizational Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis (2015)
  • Matthew P. Normand, University of the Pacific
  • Jesse Dallery, University of Florida
  • Triton Ong, University of the Pacific
Health promotion is among the foremost concerns of modern society. As with many problems of considerable social significance, most health problems are caused by what people do and what people do not do. People eat too much, exercise too little, and visit healthcare providers too infrequently, among many other things. Understanding and solving these problems is a task for the behavioral sciences, and applied behavior analysts have been addressing problems related to health and fitness since the earliest days of the field. The primary focus of this chapter is on applied behavior analysis research related to health promotion through diet, exercise, and medication adherence, as addressing these issues would significantly improve health across many populations. Health promotion is a problem that applied behavior analysts continue to address, but we still have considerable work to do.
  • health,
  • fitness,
  • exercise,
  • exergaming,
  • contingency management,
  • medication adherence,
  • functional analysis
Publication Date
June 22, 2015
Henry S. Roane, Joel L. Ringdahl, Terry S. Falcomata
Academic Press/Elsevier
Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional
Citation Information
Matthew P. Normand, Jesse Dallery and Triton Ong. "Chapter 22 – Applied Behavior Analysis for Health and Fitness" FirstCambridge, MAClinical and Organizational Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis (2015) p. 555 - 582
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