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Recent research on child behavior management
Annual Meeting of the Association for Behavior Analysis
  • Matthew P. Normand, University of the Pacific
Document Type
Conference Presentation
Association for Behavior Analysis
San Antonio, TX
Conference Dates
May 28-June 1, 2010
Date of Presentation
Three studies on recent advances in managing the behavior of young children will be presented. In the first study, a timeout procedure was evaluated to decrease problem behavior and increase compliance to the timeout demand in five preschool children. In the second study, advance notice was evaluated as a method of increasing compliance among three preschool children. Finally, in the third study, a human operant preparation was used to examine resurgence of problem behavior during treatment integrity failures and extinction. This was then examined in a young child with autism.
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Matthew P. Normand. "Recent research on child behavior management" Annual Meeting of the Association for Behavior Analysis (2010)
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