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Student Perceptions of Genetically Modified Foods: An Empirical Investigation
  • Matt Bogard, Western Kentucky University
Using survey data, a logistic regression model was developed to assess the influence of political preferences as well as knowledge and preferences related to science and agriculture on beliefs related to the safety of the use of biotechnology in food production (GMO foods). Students were asked about their perceptions of the safety of GMO foods. It was found that the odds of a response of ‘safe’ were 86% lower for students that have a positive view of embryonic stem cell research. The odds of a ‘safe’ response were about 84% lower for students that believe in the occurrence of anthropogenic climate change. Article comments: Completed as part of the Master of Science Seminar in Agriculture (Emphasis in Agricultural and Applied Economics), Department of Agriculture. Western Kentucky University (2005)
  • perceptions,
  • logisitc regression,
  • biotechnology
Publication Date
Spring 2005
Citation Information
Matt Bogard. "Student Perceptions of Genetically Modified Foods: An Empirical Investigation" (2005)
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