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Access Update for GVSU
2016 Fall Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners Meeting (2017)
  • Matt Schultz, Grand Valley State University
  • Kyle Felker, Grand Valley State University
By Fall 2016, GVSU Libraries began making a major strategic and technology shift toward the use of open source technologies versus commercial vendor solutions for digital preservation and access. In this presentation to the Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners (MMDP) community, Matt Schultz (Metadata & Digital Curation Librarian) and Kyle Felker (Digital Initiatives Librarian) provide updates on these new directions.
  • open source,
  • digital preservation,
  • digital collections
Publication Date
Fall October 14, 2017
East Lansing, MI
Citation Information
Schultz, M., & Felker, K. (2016, October). Access update for GVSU. Presentation given at the 2016 Fall Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners Meeting, East Lansing, MI.