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Rättens ordning i den tid som återstår
Från Schlyters lustgård (2006)
  • Matilda Arvidsson, Lund University

The article investigates the fundamental concept of 'time' within the framework of the laws of war, using the War on Terrorism as a starting point and the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq as an example. The article argues for an eschatological understanding of time during the War on Terrorism, framing a state of exception, and ultimately keeping law on hold in an enduring 'now' while messianic hopes for redemption are directed towards a new future to come after war.

  • jus post bellum,
  • jus in bello,
  • jus ad bellum,
  • war on terrorism,
  • eschatology,
  • state of exception,
  • Iraq,
  • kairos,
  • chronos,
  • international law
Publication Date
Winter 2006
Citation Information
Matilda Arvidsson. "Rättens ordning i den tid som återstår" Från Schlyters lustgård Iss. 5 (2006)
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