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About Dr Matilda Arvidsson

Matilda Arvidsson, BA, LLM, LLD, has studied law in Lund, Jerusalem and Khartoum. She completed her LLD in international law at the Faculty of Law, Lund University, from where she also holds a LLM in jurisprudence and a BA in political science. Her research interests are interdisciplinary and include international and public law, humanitarian law, posthumanism and technology, as well as the embodiment of law in its various forms and in inter-species relations. She has been invited to talk about her research in various institutions around the world, most recently at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia; Western Sydney University, Australia; Kent Law School, Canterbury, UK; La Trobe Law School, Melbourne, Australia; Melbourne Law School, Australia, Uppsala university and Copenhagen University. She has acted as an invited commentator at PhD and early career workshops at Lund University, Gothenburg University and Melbourne Law School.

Topics Matilda has researched and published on include those mentioned above, focusing on the theory and history of international humanitarian law; posthumanist feminist theory, artificial intelligence and contemporary warfare; and the occupation of Iraq 2003–2004.

Matilda is Course Director for Migration Law, HRS282 (advanced level, 15hp) with Street Law within the Legal Clinic, and she teaches within the fields of international law, legal theory, constitutional law, peace and conflict studies, gender studies, migration law, and human rights studies, and she takes on thesis for supervision on masters and PhD levels within all fields of international law related to use of force and armed conflict, law and technology, feminism, posthumanism, critical theory, food law, animal jurisprudence, and related topics. She has a background in legal practice and act as a pro bono legal adviser.

Matilda is a partner in research in the research project Urban Creativity ( ); the Genesis of Artificial Intelligence, Life, and Law network ( at the department of law, as well as the Political Constitutional Theory (PolCon) research network (, a member of the LSA International Law and Policy Collaborative Research Network, and a Harvard Law School Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) alumni. She reviews manuscripts and journal articles for a number of publishing houses and academic journals, including Oxford University Press, Routledge, Leiden Journal of International Law, the Australian Feminist Law Journal, and Griffith Law Review.

Recent visiting research positions (a selection):
2018-19 Helsinki Univeristy Law School, Finland
2018 La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
2017 Melbourne Law School, Australia

Matilda has two young children and worked part-time (approximately half-time) between 2009 and 2017.


2017 - Present Postdoctoral researcher, Lecturer, Course Director, University of Gothenburg ‐ Department of Law
2006 - 2017 LLM, BA, Lund University Faculty of Law

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

International law of belligerent occupation, International humanitarian law, The occupation of Iraq, 2003-2004, and the Coalition Provisional Authority, Law and theory, History of international law, and Islamic law and Swedish legal practice


2018 - 2019 Urban Creativity
Role: Researcher
Colleague(s): Peter Bengtsen
2017 - 2019 Targeting, Technology, and New Feminist Ontologies
Ragnar Söderbergs stiftelse
Targeting in International Humanitarian Law and Practice
Role: Postdoctoral fellow
Colleague(s): Gregor Noll, Markus Gunneflo, Amin Parsa
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Contact Information

Dr Matilda Arvidsson
Juridiska institutionen, Handelshögskolan, Göteborgs Universitet
Vasagatan 1
P.O.Box 650
405 30 Göteborg


Contributions to Books (7)

Articles (7)

Unpublished Papers (5)

Conference abstracts (27)