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About Matilda Arvidsson

I am a Doctor of Law and Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Lund University. My research interests include issues of international law - in particular theory and history of international law, international humanitarian law, and international law of belligerent occupation - theory of law, Islamic law, political theology, psychoanalysis, ethics, the legal office, spatial justice, animal jurisprudence, and law/poetry.
Topics I have researched and published on include those above, focusing on the occupation of Iraq, 2003-2004, and the figure of the administrator of the Coalition provisional authority (CPA); theory of international law of belligerent occupation; the history of international humanitarian law; International law and the First World War in the Middle East; Carl Schmitt, the katechon, and international law of belligerent occupation; Gertrude Bell and the making of modern Iraq; Gardens, feminist theory and and spatial justice; Street art and spatial justice; Swedish judicial culture, the office of law and ethics; Swedish judicial culture and Islamic legal tradition.
I take a particular research interest in the scholarships of Judith Butler and Jean Laplanche.
I teach within the fields of international law, jurisprudence, constitutional law, Islamic law, peace and conflict studies, gender studies, and human rights studies. I am currently the managing director for the law and gender studies at the Faculty of Law and the Department of Gender Studies at Lund University. In 2011-2012, I was a member of the Board of Directors at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) at Lund University (
I have published a number of academic articles and book chapters in the fields of international law, Islamic law and judicial culture. I have also co-edited a number of academic volumes, including e.g. a Routledge volume on the contemporary relevance of Carl Schmitt (forthcoming 2015), and the Australian Feminist Journal of Law special issue (vol 39) “Gardens of Justice”. I am also a published poet and writer.
I am, and have recently been, co-convening and co-organizing a number of international conferences and workshops, e.g. "Artistic and cultural praxes in the transitional and contested territory of urban public space" (streem at the CLC 2013 in Belfast)"; "Friend or Foe? - The Contemporary Relevance of Carl Schmitt" (Helsinki, 2013); and the Critical Legal Conference (CLC): "Gardens of Justice" (Stockholm, 2012). I am, and have recently been, organizing and hosting a number of international interdisciplinary research visits and seminars in Lund, e.g. by Prof. Geraldine Finn “Why Althusser Killed his Wife: Revisiting Discourses of Violence “ (2011), Dr. Yoriko Otomo (2011) “Species, Scarcity and the Secular State: The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and the Convention on Biological Diversity”, Prof. Alex Sharpe “Foucault, Monsters, Law: A Conversation with Alex Sharpe” (2012), Prof. Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos “Take A Walk: Law, Bodies, Space” (2012), Prof. Panu Minkkinen "'The Coldest of All Cold Monsters': Nietzsche as a Constitutional Theorist" (2013), Prof. Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos "The World is Rooted in Air: Atmosphere, Lawscape, Spatial Justice" (2014), Dr. Rachel Hughes "The Khmer Rouge Tribunal, ‘civil parties’ and the Cambodian diaspora" (2014), Prof. Sarah A. Stein "Extraterritorial dreams: Sephardi Jews, citizenship, and the calamitous twentieth century" (2015), Dr. Lina Olsson "Property, Sovereignty and Planning: a theoretical discussion and historical comparison of the distribution of power over urban development in Sweden and UK" (2015), Dr. Yoriko Otomo: "Thinking Through Commodities: Milk"(2015).
Current research projects include:
- Doctoral project: The Subject in International law: The Administrator of the CPA of Occupied Iraq, and its Law
- Post. doc. project (starting 2017): Targeting and the ICRC
- Kathleen Fitzpatrick Visiting Fellow (2017), Melbourne Law School, Laureate Program in International Law ( Project: Military Occupation, Civil War, and the Lieber Code
- I am a partner in research of the NordForsk sponsored interdisciplinary Nordic research network Norms and Narratives in the Nordic Nations (NoNa) (, the Political Constitutional Theory (PolCon) reseach network (, a member of the LSA International Law and Policy Collaborative Research Network, and a Harvard Law School Institute for Global Law and Policy alumni.


Present LLM, BA, Lund University Faculty of Law
Present Doctoral Candidate, Lund University Faculty of Law

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Matilda Arvidsson
Faculty of Law, Lund University
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