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Unpublished Paper
Roger Nash Baldwin and the American Civil LIberties Union
ExpressO (2012)
  • Mathias Alfred Jaren

The thesis for this essay is that social work, acting for the benefit and welfare of others, can be accomplished effectively by non-lawyers employing an agenda of political and legal interventions. Legal interventions even as uncomplicated as filing an amicus curiae brief for some unknown defendant being prosecuted for an offense against his government can have significant and important long term implications. This thesis is examined in the context of a life devoted to civil liberties - The Life and times of Roger Nash Baldwin.

  • Roger Baldwin,
  • ACLU,
  • legal intervention,
  • social justice
Publication Date
September 24, 2012
Citation Information
Mathias Alfred Jaren. "Roger Nash Baldwin and the American Civil LIberties Union" ExpressO (2012)
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