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Educating Global Citizens for the 21st Century: The SJSU Salzburg Program
Journal of Corporate Citizenship (2013)
  • Carol Reade, San Jose State University
  • William J. Reckmeyer
  • Mathew A. Cabot, San Jose State University
  • Dennis Jaehne, San Jose State University
  • Mark Novak, San Jose State University
Forty years ago, when the Club of Rome issued The Limits to Growth, there was little recognition of how global human society was evolving except among selected experts. Today, globalisation is the new normal. This means that educators must prepare students better for living and working in a complex interdependent world, one that is increasingly characterised by problematic transnational challenges requiring innovative interdisciplinary solutions. The foremost strategic priority for higher education in the 21st century is to educate globally competent citizens, no matter what their studies or careers; people who can exercise responsible leadership to promote positive change and build a sustainable world. In this paper we profile the award-winning SJSU Salzburg Programa campus-wide effort that has been catalysing more conscious and coherent approaches to global citizenship at San Jose State University (SJSU), the major public institution of higher education in Silicon Valley.
Publication Date
March, 2013
Publisher Statement
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Citation Information
Carol Reade, William J. Reckmeyer, Mathew A. Cabot, Dennis Jaehne, et al.. "Educating Global Citizens for the 21st Century: The SJSU Salzburg Program" Journal of Corporate Citizenship Vol. 2013 Iss. 49 (2013)
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