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About Dr Matheus Carvalho de Carvalho

Dr Matheus Carvalho de Carvalho MSc(Fishery Sciences)(Kitasato), PhD(Fishery Sciences)(Kitasato)
I mainly take care of the IRMS lab but do research when I have time. My main research interest is in understanding the stable isotope composition of the carbon that goes in and out of marine plants though photosynthesis and respiration. This information can be important to better understand the role of these organisms in aquatic ecosystems. The IRMS lab has one of the best equipment to do this research nowadays in the world.


Present Senior Research Associate, Southern Cross University School of Environment and Engineering

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Contact Information

PO Box 157
Lismore, NSW
Australia 2480
Phone: (+61 2) 6626 9565
Mobile: 0488990092


Journal articles (31)