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About Massimiliano Mazzanti

Current main research fields are environmental economics and policy, extending to public policy and management of resources including cultural heritage. Innovation issues are at the core of - mainly empirical - research analyses
He graduated at the University of Bologna (Italy) then he continued the education with a Msc in Environmental & Natural Resources Economics at the Department of Economics, UCL London, and Ph. D. in Economics at the University of Rome Tre. Since 2008 he has been associate professor and lecturer in environmental economics at the University of Ferrara and since 2001 lecturer at the University of Bologna in public economics, environmental economics, culture economics at the faculties of law and arts. He has collaborated as research fellow with the CERIS CNR institute in Milan of the National Research Council since 1999. Main research fields and publications deal with environmental policy, economics of innovation, economic performance and innovation, economic evaluation by stated preference techniques, waste management and policy, climate change and development.


Present Fellow, under contracts with EEA projects (ETC/SCP Copenhagen), CERIS CNR Milan
Present Associate Professor in Economics - Lecturer in Economics and Environmental Economics and Econometrics, University of Ferrara
Present Msc Environmental & Natural Resource Economics UCL London - PhD in Economics University Roma Tre, University of Ferrara

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