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Variable-Structure-Based Nonlinear Control for the Master VSC in DC-Energy-Pool Multiterminal Grids
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (2014)
  • Masoud Davari, Georgia Southern University
  • Yasser Abdel-Rady I. Mohamed, University of Alberta
DC-energy-pool-based multiterminal grids are gaining widespread acceptance under the super- and smart-grid vision. DC-link voltage control via a master voltage-source converter (VSC) is essential to ensure stable and reliable operation of the overall multiterminal system. In such a demanding application, conventional dc-link voltage controllers, however, suffer from stability and performance issues, mainly attributed to the small-signal-based control design approach and the use of a cascaded control structure based on the power-balance framework which yields unmodeled nonlinear dynamics. To overcome these issues, this paper presents a natural-frame variable-structure-based nonlinear control system for the master VSC applied in dc-energy pool multiterminal grids. The proposed controller accounts for the complete nonlinear dynamics of the master VSC without any cascaded control structure and globally stabilizes the nonlinear dynamics via a passivity-based design approach. Analysis and comparative simulation as well as experimental results are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed controller.
  • Voltage-source converters,
  • DC-energy pool,
  • Nonlinear control,
  • Passivity-based control,
  • Signma-delta modulation,
  • Variable-structure control
Publication Date
November, 2014
Citation Information
Masoud Davari and Yasser Abdel-Rady I. Mohamed. "Variable-Structure-Based Nonlinear Control for the Master VSC in DC-Energy-Pool Multiterminal Grids" IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Vol. 29 Iss. 11 (2014) p. 6196 - 6213 ISSN: 1941-0107
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