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Robust Droop and DC-Bus Voltage Control for Effective Stabilization and Power Sharing in VSC Multiterminal DC Grids
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (2018)
  • Masoud Davari, Georgia Southern University
  • Yasser Abdel-Rady I. Mohamed, University of Alberta
Voltage-source converters (VSCs) are receiving widespread acceptance as the enabling technology to integrate renewable energy sources, energy storage units, and modern dc-type loads into existing ac grids via multiterminal dc grids. Droop control is a common power-sharing strategy to facilitate autonomous power sharing among different terminals in dc grids. However, the dynamics and stability of a gird-connected VSC with dc power sharing droop control can be affected by several important factors that are not addressed in the current literature. Important among these are: 1) ignoring the effect of the outer droop loop on the dc-link voltage dynamics when the dc-link voltage controller is designed; 2) uncertainties in the dc grid parameters; and 3) disturbances in the dc grid (i.e., power absorbed or injected from/to the dc grid). To overcome these difficulties, this paper presents a robust power sharing and dc-link voltage regulation controller for grid-connected VSCs in dc grids applications. A detailed dynamic model that considers the droop controller dynamics and the impact of the effective dc-side load parameters and disturbances imposed on the VSC is developed. Then, a robust controller that preserves system stability and robust performance is developed. A mathematical analysis, as well as simulation and experimental results, are provided to show the effectiveness of the proposed controller.
  • Voltage control,
  • Uncertainty,
  • Robustness,
  • Load modeling,
  • Power conversion,
  • Power system stability,
  • Stability analysis,
  • DC droop,
  • Multiterminal DC grids,
  • Power sharing,
  • Robust control,
  • Voltage-source converters
Publication Date
May, 2018
Citation Information
Masoud Davari and Yasser Abdel-Rady I. Mohamed. "Robust Droop and DC-Bus Voltage Control for Effective Stabilization and Power Sharing in VSC Multiterminal DC Grids" IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (2018) p. 1 - 36 ISSN: 1941-0107
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