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About MaryBeth Cordle

The future of battling diseases and illnesses, and discovering new ways of preventing people from becoming ill, are only possible because people of all ages are willing to participate in the clinical trials that shape medicine’s next steps. Clinical research trials help develop new ways to diagnose illnesses or diseases, and create effective treatments and vaccines.  People choose to participate in a clinical trial for various reasons: it gives them a sense that they have helped develop a treatment or a cure that has had an impact on them or someone they love; they obtain access to a new medication or therapy that they might not have access to; others like the benefit of attention and close observation involved with a clinical trial that results from study-related appointments or scheduling that might be required for gathering additional information and data. Many patients simply participate because they feel that they can have an impact on providing better care to everyone.


Present Adminstrator, Clinical Drug Studies, Internal Medicine, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, Marshall University
Present Quality Officer, Clinical Drug Studies, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, Marshall University

Contact Information

Phone: 304-691-1081