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Adolescents in the Search for Meaning: Tapping the Powerful Resource of Story
  • M Warner, San Jose State University
As is painfully evident from the reports of school shootings, gang violence, dysfunctional family life, and from statistics on adolescent suicide, many teens live troubled lives. Even those who live a "normal" life still face the challenges adults face, but teens are also engaged in establishing independence and finding their identity. However, few adolescents have the same resources as adults for surviving life challenges. Building from the idea that story is a powerful source of meaning, particularly those stories that resonate with our own lives, this book suggests that the stories of other young adults offer a resource yet to be fully tapped. Adolescents in the Search for Meaning begins from the perspective of young adults by sharing the results of a survey of over 1400 teens and also includes the insights of authors of Young Adult Literature. The book presents over 120 novels that teens have identified as meaningful as well as books recommended by YA authors and experts in the field of YA literature. For any teacher, librarian, parent or counselor wanting to reach young adults, this book is ideal.
Publication Date
March 1, 2006
Mary L. Warner
Scarecrow Press
Citation Information
M Warner. Adolescents in the Search for Meaning: Tapping the Powerful Resource of Story. Lanham, Md(2006)
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