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Relationships between Self-esteem and Factors Known to Affect College Attendance
  • Adam A. Torres, Boise State University

There are many factors impacting student’s decisions to attend college. Researchers investigated selfesteem, perceived academic abilities, and intended college attendance in a group of high school seniors involved in a program aimed at assisting them get into college. Participants were 83 senior high school students (males = 28, females = 55) from various high schools in Idaho. Many students come from low socioeconomic backgrounds and were Caucasian (Caucasian = 40, Latino = 28, Asian = 6, African American = 2, and other = 6). Participants were asked 39 questions concerning intended college attendance, self-esteem, perceived academic abilities, and other factors that influenced their decision to attend college. Significant correlations were found between self-esteem and perceived academic abilities.

Publication Date
Spring 2007
Citation Information
Adam A. Torres. "Relationships between Self-esteem and Factors Known to Affect College Attendance" (2007)
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