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Lost Expectations: On Derrida's Abraham
Kierkegaard and Political Theology (2018)
  • Mary-Jane V Rubenstein

This chapter undertakes a critical analysis of Jacques Derrida’s reading of Fear and Trembling (Frygt og Bæven) in The Gift of Death (Donner la mort). In a gesture that might be called a faithful betrayal, Derrida seeks in this text to “go further” than de Silentio, pushing Abraham’s singular near-sacrifice of Isaac into “the most common” experience of decision, his absolute relation to the Absolute into every relation to any other. Composed largely of anonymous fragments, the essay at hand evaluates the theo-ethico-political stakes of this deconstruction, seeking to re-read Derrida’s tout autre in light of the double-movement he perplexingly omits.
  • Derrida,
  • Kierkegaard,
  • Abraham,
  • Fear and Trembling,
  • deconstruction,
  • faith,
  • repetition,
  • pseudonymity
Publication Date
Roberto Sirvent and Silas Morgan
Wipf and Stock
Citation Information
Mary-Jane V Rubenstein. "Lost Expectations: On Derrida's Abraham" Kierkegaard and Political Theology (2018) p. 226 - 244
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