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A Conversation with Jane Healy
Tech Trends (2000)
  • Mary C. Herring, University of Northern Iowa
  • Abbas Johari, Cameron University
  • Amy C. Bradshaw, University of Oklahoma
  • Mary B. Shoffner
  • Nada Dabbagh
  • Nathan Lowell, University of Northern Colorado
How Computer Affect Our Children's Minds--and What We Can Do About It--Jane M. Healy is an educational psychologist and teacher who has worked with students of all ages, from preschool to graduate school. Her research interest has been in finding practical applications of current brain research for teachers and parents, and she has a long-time interest in the role of computers in teaching and learning. Dr. Healy's presentation and dialogue with AECT panel members Ed Caffarella, Marcy DriscoU, Mary Herring, and Kyle Peck analyzed the effects of technologies on the human brain, related computer use to stages of neural development, and explored the current state of educational computing and Internet. 
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Mary C. Herring, Abbas Johari, Amy C. Bradshaw, Mary B. Shoffner, et al.. "A Conversation with Jane Healy" Tech Trends Vol. 45 Iss. 1 (2000) p. 9 - 23
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