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About Mary Willis

Technology in science, medicine, social work, education and almost every other facet of life is the world in which we live. My name is Mary Willis and I would like to posit that to gain a better understanding of its helpful uses and its hazardous uses, one must keep abreast of new technologies and their intended use, then ask the question, is this really necessary or is it just to increase revenue? I love technology, but I fear that we have become a nation of automatons who accept without questioning why a new iPhone becomes such an obsession that some people will camp out for days to acquire it. Is there a rhetoric that fits our technological age and the age of the internet? I think not, but perhaps we can develop a dynamic one that will keep up with the ever changing landscape.


Present Adjunct Professor of Technology, Spartanburg Community College
Present Director of Social Work Technological Services, Limestone College

Curriculum Vitae