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About Mary Louise Frampton

Mary Louise Frampton teaches in the areas of law and social justice, restorative justice, and legislative advocacy. She has also taught courses on critical race theory, empirical research on the delivery of legal services to low-income communities, and a Boalt in New Orleans seminar post-Katrina. She teaches and supervises student scholarship for the Scholar Advocate Project, a partnership with the Equal Justice Society that examines the intent requirement in discrimination law and envisions legal doctrine on race that is informed by societal realities and modern scientific findings. Frampton’s research interests are focused on the use of restorative justice as a racial justice tool to dismantle the school to prison pipeline, reduce the over-incarceration of people of color in the criminal justice system, and help communities flourish.


Present Executive Committee, Thelton E. Henderson Center, Berkeley Law
Present Adjunct Professor of Law, Berkeley Law



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