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The Narcissistic Organization: Performance Implications
Southern Management Association Proceedings (2011)
  • Mary Beth Rousseau, Georgia Southern University
  • Dennis Duchon, University of Nebraska

Narcissism is generally considered an individual personality trait. However, in this study we suggest that narcissism may become institutionalized to the extent that a narcissistic organization emerges. We also propose, counter to the negative perceptions of narcissism, that narcissistic organizations experience largely positive firm outcomes. In study one we develop an organization-level narcissism construct and develop a 30 item scale to measure it. In study two we find that the relationship of organization-level narcissism with financial, efficiency and human resource outcomes is largely positive. The exception to this was the negative relationship found between organization-level narcissism and human resource outcomes.

  • Organizational narcissism,
  • Firm outcomes,
  • Human resource outcomes
Publication Date
November, 2011
Citation Information
Mary Beth Rousseau and Dennis Duchon. "The Narcissistic Organization: Performance Implications" Southern Management Association Proceedings (2011)
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