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About Mary P Bennett PhD, ARNP

Dr. Bennett’s research interests fall into three main categories. The first involves factors related to patient use of complementary and alternative therapies. She has worked with her colleague, Dr. Cecile Lengacher of the University of South Florida, to develop and test the Complementary Therapy Rating Scale. Current research involves investigation of factors related to use of complementary and alternative therapies and perceptions of effectiveness in persons with breast cancer. The second area of research is based on Psychoneuroimmunology theory and investigates the effect of various therapies on stress and immune function. Her work thus far has examined the effects of laughter, massage therapy, relaxation therapy and music therapy. The third area of research is student outcome evaluation. Previous projects include comparing student outcomes from three different anatomy and physiology classes with mean national data from the NLN anatomy and physiology exam, and comparing distance student outcomes with on campus student outcomes in a nursing research class.


Present Director, WKU School of Nursing, Western Kentucky University School of Nursing

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