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Finding Solutions in the Patron's Favor
Idaho Library Association Annual Conference (2015)
  • Mary Aagard, Boise State University
  • Audrey Williams, Boise State University

Library Circulation departments have traditionally been rule driven, "by the book," black and white, and make no exception service points. What happens when transactions turn into conversations? When library staff and patrons have options to work together? Over the past few years, Albertsons Library Access Services (Circulation) staff have been empowered to make exceptions to rules and policies when lending materials to find solutions and help patrons. Such actions as increasing lending times, removing daily overdue fines, and being as helpful to patrons as possible forges cooperative relationships with patrons. The atmosphere of the Circulation Desk begins to promote positive interactions and outcomes that leave both the staff and patrons feeling good about what has transpired.

Publication Date
October 1, 2015
Citation Information
Mary Aagard and Audrey Williams. "Finding Solutions in the Patron's Favor" Idaho Library Association Annual Conference (2015)
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