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Getting Started with Grants
CARS May Celebrations
  • Kathleen Kirby, Bridgewater State College
  • Martina Arndt, Bridgewater State College
  • Margaret Brooks, Bridgewater State College
  • Nancy Moses, Bridgewater State College
  • Gregory Nelson, Bridgewater State College
Hart 217
Start Time
14-5-2008 11:55 AM
End Time
14-5-2008 12:40 PM
Faculty and librarians often have ideas about great projects they could do--if only they had some money. Grants can be one avenue for funding those "great ideas" in research, curriculum development, community projects, and student support. Hear from four of your colleagues about their grant-funded projects, and what inspired them to seek external funding. Meet the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects staff and learn about the services offered to get you started in your search for funding, and how after being funded, we help you administer your project.

Moderator: Mia Enright

Citation Information
Kathleen Kirby, Martina Arndt, Margaret Brooks, Nancy Moses, et al.. "Getting Started with Grants" (2008)
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