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Educating Tomorrow’s Teachers: Results from the Teachers for a New Era Initiative at BSC
CARS May Celebrations
  • Barbara Bautz, Bridgewater State College
  • Emily Mann, Bridgewater State College
  • David Almeida, Bridgewater State College
  • Martina Arndt, Bridgewater State College
  • John Kucich, Bridgewater State College
  • Karen Richardson, Bridgewater State College
Hart 217
Start Time
15-5-2008 1:05 PM
End Time
15-5-2008 1:50 PM
We are at a critical point in the effort to rethink teacher education at BSC. The Teachers for a New Era initiative has provided support for new and cooperating teachers to promote high quality culturally responsive teaching. This presentation will focus on the process and findings from this initiative. First, we will discuss the activities related to Supervision in Action, a course that provides mentoring skills to public school teachers collaborating with BSC student teachers. Data from focus groups and interviews regarding teacher perceptions of program participation will be discussed. In addition, focus group and interview data from the New Teacher Academy (NTA) will be examined. NTA is an intensive workshop preparing new teachers to plan, teach, and assess students. The success of this initiative suggests new collaborations between BSC and the local public schools. Implications for the future success of teacher education through professional development will be discussed.

Moderator: Deborah Sheehy

Citation Information
Barbara Bautz, Emily Mann, David Almeida, Martina Arndt, et al.. "Educating Tomorrow’s Teachers: Results from the Teachers for a New Era Initiative at BSC" (2008)
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